JetStream 360 Flag - Fin - Extra large

JetStream 360 Flag - Fin - Extra large

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These JetStream 360 Fin Event Flags boast resilient carbon and steel poles, ensuring durability and easy portability. Equipped with an innovative spinner component, they offer effortless 360-degree pole rotation.

Featuring a weatherproof, single-sided mirror image fabric, the graphic guarantees consistent visibility of identical images on both sides. Styled in a unique ‘fin’ design, the flag serves as an attention-grabbing display to captivate potential customers at your business or event.

JetStream 360 Fin banners are designed for hassle-free transportation to various venues, including sporting events, country shows, alfresco retail events, or promotional days. They also serve as effective outdoor advertising displays along roadsides or bustling high streets. While primarily intended for outdoor use, they are equally adaptable for exhibitions in large halls or venues.

This specific model is the extra-large flag, towering at 4820mm in height, offering a commanding presence for impactful displays.

Choose from various base and bracket options for this product, including:

  • Rotating ground spike: Ideal for soft ground like grass or sand
  • Drive-on car foot: Suitable for forecourts and outdoor events where a car serves as the counterweight to the pole
  • Cross base: Designed for indoor use only
  • Cross base with water bag: Suitable for outdoor use in areas with low wind
  • Vertical bracket: For secure mounting on a solid surface, suitable for small flags only
  • Angled wall bracket: For wall mounting, suitable for small flags only
  • Small parasol base: Fillable with water or sand for indoor and outdoor use, suitable for small and medium flags only
  • Large parasol base: Fillable with water or sand for indoor and outdoor use, suitable for large flags

Please note: This product is a bespoke made-to-order item.