JetStream Promo Teardrop Flag - Medium

JetStream Promo Teardrop Flag - Medium

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The JetStream Promotional Teardrop Flag is a striking flag display suitable for various events or as a semi-permanent fixture. It comes in a range of heights, with the medium flag standing tall at 3000mm.

Featuring a 'teardrop' style, the banner presents a single-sided mirror image banner printed on 115gsm knitted polyester via dye sublimation. This mirror image design ensures your branding or message is correctly displayed on one side and mirrored on the other.

Lightweight and portable, the JetStream Promo Flag is perfect for promotional events. It doubles as a semi-permanent outdoor advertising tool, whether on the roadside or high street. Despite its outdoor focus, it's also suitable for indoor use at exhibitions, trade shows, or any indoor advertising need.

A carry bag is available optionally, and replacement graphics can be purchased if needed.

Please be mindful: Flags should be removed in winds exceeding 25mph, even with a permanent fixed base or water weight. Heavy rain, sleet, or snow can increase flag weight, leading to unnecessary wear and potential tears, especially in strong winds. Also, ensure flags are positioned to avoid flapping against solid objects like walls or fences.

Base Options:

  • Steel ground spike: For soft ground like grass or sand.
  • Internal cross base: Exclusively for indoor use with flags up to 3000mm (h).
  • Internal square base: For indoor use with large flags up to 4360mm (h).
  • Drive-on car foot: Suitable for forecourts and outdoor events where a car counterbalances the pole.
  • Small parasol base: Fillable with water or sand for external and internal use, suitable for flags up to 3000mm (h).
  • Large parasol base: Fillable with water or sand for external and internal use, suitable for flags up to 4360mm (h).

Please note: This product is a bespoke made-to-order item.