WallPro Wall Mounted Retracting Barrier - 4600mm

WallPro Wall Mounted Retracting Barrier - 4600mm

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Available with 4.6m, 7.6m and 9.1m belt lengths in a range of standard stock colours and printed messages. Various belt ends and mounting options available to suit any situation and environment.

Belts feature a universal belt end meaning they will connect to all major stanchion brands.

Please note that each order unit contains one wall mount and one retractable belt..

Looking for custom belt graphics? Please call 01995 911147 for a quote (Custom printed belts has a minimum order quantity of 10).

Belt end options:

  • Universal - Allows connection to a standard receiver clip and all major brands of retracting belt stanchions.
  • S clip - Eliminates the need for a receiver clip as the belt wraps around an upright and is hooked to itself.
  • Magnetic - Attaches to metallic surfaces and forms a strong connection but can be easily released.
  • Panic break - Identical to magnetic belt end but includes a steel receiver place enabling the magnetic belt end to be used on non-metallic surfaces. Meets fire safety codes by allowing the connection to be broken if a pedestrian walks/runs through the belt.

Mounting options:

  • Standard - The belt housing is screwed directly to the wall or other flat surface using the screws and wall plugs provided..
  • Removable plate - A bracket is permanently attached to the wall and the belt housing slides in and out allowing one unit to be used in multiple locations.
  • Magnetic - Provides temporary attachment to metal surfaces, removes with a simple twist and pull motion. Typically matched with the magnetic belt end.
  • Warehouse rack mount - A combination of hook and magnet allows temporary attachement to warehouse racks.
  • Clamp - Designed for semi-permanent fixing to uprights such as posts and columns. The standard unit is adjustable from 75mm to 150mm diameter.